First Injury Accident Reported for Google Self-Driving Car

smashed rear end of carGoogles self-driving cars have been roaming the streets of Mountain View for the last six years as they logged almost 2 million miles on California roadways. Earlier this month, the vehicles were involved in their first car accident that resulted in injuries.

According to the report, the vehicle was rear-ended at a stop light and three Google employees in the Google car and the driver of the other vehicle all complained of whiplash injuries.

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Throughout the many years Googles vehicles have been on the roads, they have been involved in 14 accidents three of which occurred in the last two months. Eleven of the 14 accidents involved the autonomous vehicle being rear-ended.

According to reports from the most recent accident, the Google vehicle was following a group of cars as they approached a busy intersection. Although the light was green, the Google car and the vehicles ahead of it slowed to a stop because traffic was backed up on the other side of the intersection.

Shortly after the Google car stopped, another vehicle, crashed into it. Sensors from the Google car showed that the vehicle did not brake before hitting the car.

The three Google employees who were in the vehicle were examined at a local hospital for whiplash injuries before being cleared to return to work. The driver of the other vehicle also complained of similar injuries.

According to Chris Urmson, head of the company’s autonomous car program, this accident was a result of human error and a distracted driver, similar, he claims, to most of the other accidents involving the Google prototype.

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