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Fewer things are more terrifying than seeing another vehicle come directly toward you, knowing that a collision is imminent.

Head-on collisions, while not the most common type of automotive accident, are among the most dangerous to the occupants of the vehicles. Victims of these types of accidents often face excruciating surgeries, months of physical therapy, or permanent disabilities.

If you or your loved one has been injured in a head-on crash, you need experienced legal assistance that can make sure your future medical bills are covered and that you are fairly compensated for the trauma of the accident.

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Why Are Head-On Collisions So Dangerous?

The physics of head-on accidents prove that these types of collisions are much more serious than other types of accidents.

When two similarly-sized vehicles strike each other head on, the force of the impact is much greater than an accident where a driver strikes a parked car or stationary object. For example, the effect of two cars colliding at 50 mph is similar to the force of only one car striking a parked vehicle at 100 mph.

The impact, and associated damage, is so much greater in a head-on accident because of the relative velocity of the vehicles traveling in opposite directions. The force of the collision can also be affected by the speed of both vehicles, the size of both vehicles, and whether the vehicles hit each other directly in the center of each car or on the side.

Causes of Head-On Collisions

Head-on accidents are often the result of one drivers reckless or careless behavior. These types of accidents usually result after one driver:

  • Crosses the center line
  • Drives the wrong way
  • Exercises poor judgment when passing
  • Fails to control a vehicle in bad weather

Some head-on accidents occur because of circumstances out of a drivers control, like medical emergencies, vehicle trouble, or because the driver swerved to miss an animal or other obstacle in the road.

However, many head-on crashes result from bad decision making. When someone drives the wrong way down a highway, or drifts into oncoming traffic, often factors like intoxication, inattention, and/or distraction are to blame. Unfortunately, these drivers poor decisions create tragedies for innocent motorists sharing the road.

How Anderson & Cummings Can Help

Determining the cause of an accident is always tricky. However, head-on collisions often require extensive scientific analysis and accident reconstruction techniques in order to determine fault.

The damage done during a head-on collision may mean that extra care is needed to figure out exactly what happened. At Anderson Cummings, we will use advanced accident investigation and accident recreation tools to make sure that the person responsible for your accident is held accountable.

Our attorneys will piece together a solid case on your behalf, using all the evidence available. From witness interviews to expert testimony, we know what you need to prove your case after a head-on collision. Don’t try to fight the insurance companies yourself. Call Anderson Cummings, and lets win this.

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