Dallas Ranks 9th Most Dangerous City for Drivers

cars on highwayA new study shows that Dallas is the ninth most dangerous city in the country for drivers. Detroit, Michigan, was found to be the most dangerous for U.S. drivers.

Researchers from Nerd Wallet analyzed several metrics to determine the safety and danger levels of approximately 200 cities across the United States, including fatal accident rates, auto larceny and stolen vehicle risks, automobile insurance quotes, and years between a driver’s accidents. They found that:

  • Dallas averages 11.1 fatal crashes for every 100,000 residents.
  • The city was ranked “Least Safe” for vehicle theft and larceny risks.
  • Dallas drivers averaged seven years between automobile accidents.
  • Dallas auto insurance rates averaged $1,544.52 annually.

Researchers found that larger cities are likely to be more dangerous for drivers than smaller ones. The average population for the top 20 most dangerous cities was 488,710. Of the top 20 safest cities, the average population was 208,944.

Despite the data, not all large cities are dangerous for drivers – New York City, the largest in the U.S., was ranked 34th safest. The study determined there are more risks to drivers in Southern and East Coast cities, while the West, Midwest and cities in Arizona were among the safest.

Insurance rates were found to be 47 percent higher in cities ranked most dangerous versus those found to be the safest. Drivers in the most dangerous city, Detroit, pay an average of 642 percent more versus drivers in Cary, North Carolina, the city deemed safest for drivers by Nerd Wallet.

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