Watch out for these Common Motorcycle Road Hazards

motorcycle rider crashWhile hazards like uneven roads, potholes and leaves have little effect on cars, these obstacles are much more difficult for motorcyclists to navigate, creating a higher risk of an accident.

These accidents pose a serious threat to riders’ safety because motorcycles do not have seatbelts, airbags and other safety features of traditional passenger vehicles.

That is why motorcyclists need to be on the lookout for road hazards to help ensure their safety. Common examples of these hazards include:

  • Gravel on pavement – This is particularly dangerous during cornering and is common on winding roads that are popular among bikers.
  • Bumpy roads – When roads are rough due to resurfacing, construction activity or lack of attention, more motorcycle accidents can occur.
  • Open bridge joints – These joints are responsible for holding bridge sections together. If they are too wide, it can be challenging for motorcyclists to navigate them.
  • Slippery surfaces – When roads are wet, snowy or icy, they represent dangerous hazards for motorcycles. Whether it is a pile of leaves, oil on the road’s surface or even crosswalk lines, bikers must be extra cautious when they encounter these situations.
  • Edge breaks – These are breaks or bumps in the road caused when two traffic lanes are different heights. This often occurs on freeways where motorcyclists are traveling at high speeds, increasing the risk of a dangerous accident.
  • Railroad crossings – There is a risk of tires getting stuck in a railway track. Also, some crossings have wood or metal between the tracks and these surfaces can become extremely slippery when wet.

When these hazards cause motorcycle accidents, victims may be able to pursue a claim against the private business, city, county or state responsible for keeping the road safe.

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