Motorcycle Safety and Mental Distractions

motorcycle handlebars and gaugesRiding a motorcycle is a fun pastime for many Americans, but riding while distracted can seriously decrease motorcycle safety. Motorcycle accidents are often the result of mental distractions on the road.

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Here are some recommendations for motorcycle riders that help to reduce the risk of injury.

Do not ride when dealing with major life changes. Divorce, financial problems or issues at work can weigh heavily on the minds of motorcyclists. Minor mental distractions are to be expected on a day-to-day basis, but major issues that could distract riders while they are navigating through traffic can make it dangerous for a person to ride on the open road. It is best to wait until the situation has been resolved to ride.

Be prepared for unexpected situations on the road. Small changes in road conditions can lead to a serious accident when a motorcyclist is not paying close attention. Gravel in the road could cause a bike to wipe out. A car suddenly slowing to make a turn could cause a rider to rear-end the vehicle, and severe injuries may result if the motorcycle was traveling at high speeds.

Take note of the smallest details. Riding a motorcycle requires the same attention to small details that driving does. Not only should riders pay attention to the obvious obstacles that could be a problem, but they should also survey the road ahead to catch potential hazards in the distance.

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