Powdered Alcohol Worries State Lawmakers

powdered alcoholEven though freeze-dried versions of mojito’s and rum have been green-lit by federal authorities, a debate is still brewing over powdered alcohol. Five states have already outlawed the product, and House Bill 1018, would stop powdered alcohol, or “Palcohol,” from entering the state.

One packet of Palcohol mixed with six ounces of water is the equivalent to the alcohol content in a standard mixed drink. The manufacturer of Palcohol said the product came about as a means of convenience, allowing consumers to carry the product with them and then simply mix it with water for consumption. The creators maintain it is for the legitimate and responsible enjoyment by lawful consumers.

Palcohol weighs less than alcohol, so its attractive to hikers and campers. The product has received interest from airlines and Hawaiian hotels because of the potential cost savings in transporting it, versus liquid alcohol.

However, concerns are mounting over potential abuse, especially by youths. Opponents of powdered alcohol said it could increase the chances of underage drinking and abuse. Some critics are also concerned consumers will try to snort it, sprinkle it on food, sneak it into venues that don’t allow alcohol, or mix it into alcohol instead of water, as intended.

Underage drinking is a common, but serious, problem. In fact, teenage alcohol abuse is responsible for more than 4,300 adolescent deaths each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Teenage alcoholism can also put your child at higher risk of:

  • Sustaining serious injuries
  • Making poor choices because of impaired judgment and motor skills
  • Experiencing physical or sexual assault

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