Safety Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

driving in the rainWhen bad weather strikes while you’re behind the wheel, do you know what you should do to stay safe?

There have been several severe storms across Texas recently, and more are likely throughout the year.

If you are caught on the roads when a hailstorm, high winds or other severe weather strikes, knowing what to do can help you stay safe and avoid being involved in a weather-related accident.


Anytime you encounter a storm while driving, you should always slow down and keep additional space between your vehicle and the others around you. Never drive through flooded roadways, as the depth of the water is not clear. Your vehicle could become submerged or washed away in moving water.


If hail merits getting off the roads, immediately look for shelter for your vehicle. Overpasses, gas stations, and garages may be available for you to seek shelter until the storm passes. If you are in a rural area or cannot locate a shelter, immediately pull your vehicle over to the side of the road and stop. Seek cover on the floor of your vehicle, below the windows.


Should you encounter a tornado while in your vehicle, try to drive at right angles to get away from it if it is still at a distance. If the tornado is too close, pull over and stop your car. Keeping your seatbelt on, duck your head down below the windows and cover your head and neck with your arms. Do not stop under an overpass, as your vehicle may be subjected to more airborne debris here due to the wind tunnel effect.

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