Smartwatches: New Era of Driver Distractions?

driver looking at wrist watchWatch out on the road. Controversy is brewing over a new potential distraction for drivers: smartwatches.

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When it comes to cell phones and driving weve seen study after study highlight the dangers of multitasking behind the wheel. We’ve even seen studies that show how a cell phone poses a threat to drivers, even when its not in use. Now there’s new research giving cause for pause.

Well according to safety tests from the UK, smartwatches pose an even bigger threat. Were talking about more problems than the already problematic hand-held cell phones. Its news that has many safety experts reeling.

According to the research, in the event of an emergency, it takes someone 2.52 seconds to react after looking at their smartwatch. That’s compared to 1.85 seconds if the driver were using a handheld cell phone.

While those results are concerning, critics say it shouldn’t be surprising. After all, think about the way you have to interact with a smartwatch. First off, you’re wearing it on your wrist. And if you receive texts or notifications you have to read them, at a glance, off a small display.

In addition to safety concerns, people are also questioning how police, will in essence, police the wearable technology. After all while texting and holding your phone is illegal in many jurisdictions, will it apply to drivers using smartwatches?

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