Speeding RV May have Caused Eleven-Car Accident

RV on the road Speeding is one of the most dangerous negligent activities a driver can perform behind the wheel. Speed limits should not be exceeded by any vehicle, but larger vehicles that speed present even more of a danger to motorists than smaller cars do.

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One Texas driver is facing accusations of negligence because his RV may have been speeding when it caused an eleven-car pile-up along Highway 281 in South Texas. The crash is still under investigation and no official cause has been recorded yet, though eyewitness testimony reports that the RV may have been traveling above posted limits at the time of the crash.

Our auto accident lawyers in Fort Worth know that RVs and mobile homes can do a great deal of damage when they are involved in an accident because of their size and shape alone. Although they are the size of some big-rigs, no special license is needed to operate an RV. The lack of requirements for RV drivers can create an especially dangerous situation if drivers are inexperienced.

Handling a vehicle of that size is a serious responsibility, and in cases such as the 11-car wreck, drivers who speed in RVs can do a great deal of damage.

RV Causes Devastating Eleven-Car Accident

According to Kiii TV, the accident took place at approximately 3 p.m. at the intersection of Nueces and Houston streets on Highway 281 at Business 59. One witness claimed to have seen the mobile home speed past him at roughly 80 mph, which would have been well above posted limits.

At an intersection, the speeding RV hit a police car which was stopped at a red light. The RVs crash into the police car spurred a chain of collisions that affected 11 cars in total. Nineteen people involved in the collisions required medical attention and did sustain physical harm. Many of the injured remained in the hospital or in intensive care for days after the accident, some sustaining critical injuries. The wife of the driver of the RV was thrown from the vehicle.

A police investigation has yet to be completed to find a definite cause of the accident, but witnesses collectively attribute the accident to the speeding RV. The driver of the mobile home reported did mention to at least one witness that his brakes had failed at the time of the accident.

The innocent victims of this crash could have a potential injury claim against the RV driver if his speeding was found to have been the cause of the accident. Multi-vehicle accidents are complex cases, though, and they may have a claim against the insurance policy or other vehicles in the wreck, as well.

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