Staying Safe After a Fort Worth Traffic Accident

roadway hazard signIn a recent Fort Worth South Freeway accident, one motorist was killed and the other was seriously injured. The victims however, were injured after the accident when they stepped out of their vehicles to examine the initial damage.

At Anderson Cummings, our Fort Worth, Tx car accident lawyers understand that being involved in a crash can be a terrifying experience no matter if it is your first or third accident. Many times, the first reaction is to get out of the vehicle to inspect the damage. However, when you do this you may be putting yourself in further danger. The accident on the South Freeway is an example of the risks motorists face when they don’t get to a safe location after an accident occurs.

It is important that a driver and passenger take certain steps to ensure their safety in the aftermath of a crash.

Tips for Staying Safe after an Auto Accident

If you are involved in an auto accident, the first thing you should do is move your vehicle out of the way of oncoming traffic. Your vehicle should be moved to the shoulder of the road you are on and where you and your vehicle will not be in dangerous of being struck. However, if you or someone else in the vehicle has been seriously injured, it may be better to wait for emergency services. It is important that you remain buckled in case a second collision occurs.

The following is a few more ways to stay safe.

  • If the vehicles can be driven and moved, you and the other driver should try to move off to a nearby parking lot or side street to exchange information.
  • If you must move onto the shoulder of a road and traffic is passing, stay as far away from oncoming traffic as possible. Your vehicles flashers should be placed on and if you have flares available, set them up to alert oncoming drivers.
  • Although it is important to get photos of the scene of the accident and damage to the vehicles, refrain from doing this until law enforcement has arrived.
  • Call law enforcement and report the accident; provide as much information as you can about your location to the dispatcher.
  • Once police arrived and you have reported your own account of the accident, make sure you obtain a copy of the report. The police should always be called as it could help you to prove fault in a later claim.
  • Obtain medical help. Even if you do not think you are injured, you may have suffered internal injuries or other injuries that may be quickly visible until hours after the incident. Additionally, getting medical help can also help you document your injuries for a later claim.

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