What is Your Fort Worth Truck Accident Claim Worth?

prime mover crashed and on its sideWhen a truck accident happens, you may be wondering what your claim is worth during recovery. There are several different factors to consider when coming up with a total value of your truck accident case. A dedicated truck accident attorney can help you navigate through the claims process and help you better understand the potential value of your case. He or she will also inform you on whether you have enough evidence to move forward with your claim.

If you or a loved one has suffered because of a truck accident, it is imperative to contact a knowledgeable Fort Worth truck accident lawyer at Anderson & Cummings for assistance. We can answer any questions you may have about obtaining adequate compensation for your injury.

Factors That Can Influence the Value of Your Claim

Each truck accident claim is unique, with a different value based on the calculated damages specific to the incident. These damages usually include various expenses, such as property damage, the loss of wages, the severity and degree of your injury and other issues that lower your quality of life.

Medical Expenses

The related medical bills include the current treatment given for the injuries and any possible future medical expenses that are necessary. These costs also include physical therapy, rehabilitation and medication for the recovery along with emergency room and EMT services.

Property Damage

Truck accidents usually cause substantial damage to smaller passenger vehicles. Through a professional estimate, you can determine the cost to repair or replace your vehicle. Using an online guide such as Kelly Blue Book can also help estimate your vehicle’s value.

Lost Income

If the accident caused you to miss time from work, you can receive reimbursement for lost wages. You can also receive compensation for the difference between the earnings you would have earned had you not suffered a disability and the earnings you are capable of earning after developing a disability related to the accident.

Pain and Suffering

Your pain and suffering damages are usually a variable of your other damages. The value of your pain and suffering damages may be based on factors such as the seriousness of your injuries, the level of pain you are experiencing, as well as the long-term impact of your injuries.

Some insurance companies use a formula to assign your injury a number between 1.5 to five, which will depend on the severity of your injury. This number is then multiplied by the total number of your economic damages.

Why It is Best Not to Settle a Claim Quickly

Settling quickly is not the best option because the insurance adjuster on the case often provides an offer that is too low to help you recover completely. The lowball offer may not cover all the costs or take into account the pain and suffering you have experienced.

A lawyer experienced in truck accidents can appropriately calculate the damages for your claim, which will explain the reasonable range that you can recover. This process takes time.

Time Limit to File a Truck Accident Claim in Texas

In the state of Texas, the statute of limitations to file a truck accident claim is two years from the date of the accident. This time limit applies to personal injury cases and those involving negligence. If you fail to file within the two-year deadline, you will forfeit your right to do so.

Pursing legal action requires swift action. Two years may seem like a long time until you take into account how long it takes to investigate your case, gather the necessary evidence to build a strong claim and calculate the true value of your damages. Your best chance at just compensation is to start early.

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*These are actual dollar amounts paid to clients after the deduction of attorney fees and expenses.


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