Truck Accident Raises Questions of Legal Liability

trucks in trafficA fatal automotive accident occurred on the LBJ Freeway on Tuesday morning, according to reports from CBS DFW. The accident occurred at approximately 10:30 a.m. when a dump truck crossed over a concrete center median and struck two other vehicles. The news reported that the dump truck was owned by a subcontractor working on the LBJ Express project. Two people were killed after the dump truck crushed two cars beneath it. Authorities are still determining the cause of the accident.

An accident like this raises complicated legal questions about which party or parties are liable for the damage caused in the accident. If you have been injured in a complex accident like this one, you need an experienced Tarrant County car accident attorney to determine who can be held responsible.

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Who Can Be Held Responsible For The Dump Truck Accident On The LBJ Freeway?

The families of the two people killed in this accident will likely file a wrongful death lawsuit in order to hold the responsible parties accountable for the accident. While this accident is obviously tragic, it leads to interesting legal questions about who can be held responsible.

The driver of the dump truck could be sued if he was negligent or careless in driving the truck, which could have caused the accident. Considering the truck crossed over a concrete barrier, it is reasonable to assume that something abnormal happened while the worker was driving.

If the truck accident was caused by a defect in the vehicle, or if the truck malfunctioned in some way, the company which manufactured the truck could be liable for damages to the families of the victims. Or, if the truck was negligently maintained, whoever was in charge of maintenance on the truck could also face some responsibility.

Often, when an employee is driving a company vehicle, like a construction worker driving a dump truck, the employer company is legally liable for its employee’s actions. The employee would be seen as an agent for the company, and the employee’s negligence in driving the company’s vehicle could be imputed to the company itself.

Finally, because the truck was owned by a subcontractor on the LBJ construction project, the same theory of owner/agent liability could apply to whichever entity hired the subcontractor. If it were a private company, that company may also have some legal liability. If, however, the project is being completed by a government or municipal entity, those organizations likely have governmental immunity and cannot be sued.

With the possibility of so many defendants, it is paramount that victims of car accidents contact an experienced auto accident attorney as soon as possible.

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