What Would You Do in a Hit-and-Run?

black sports car making skid marksThe emotional, physical and financial impact of a hit-and-run accident can be overwhelming. Victims of these crashes are often left to pick up the pieces while the guilty party flees the scene in an attempt to escape justice.

The reasons a person may leave a car accident scene are many, though none justifiable in the eyes of the law or those they’ve left injured in their path. Have you ever thought about what you might do if you hit another vehicle? What if you, yourself, were hit?

Typically, a person will flee the scene of a crash because they are afraid of the consequences. This could mean different things to different people: those who’ve been in trouble with the law may fear going to jail, or being caught on an existing warrant; others may be driving without auto insurance; still others may be frightened at the prospect of having killed someone and leave because the outcome will ruin their lives.

Hit-and-run accidents are not only illegal, but they’re also immoral. In a fatal car accident, a great deal of things transpire at once, and this can be disorienting and terrifying. Innocent victims deserve to see the responsible party brought to justice, but a hit-and-run may leave these people without answers to their biggest questions, such as, why did this happen to me? What state of mind was the driver in when they hit my car? How can my family and I be made whole now that we have to deal with the aftermath of an incident we had no part in causing?

Luckily, hit-and-runs do not always have to end this way. After a crash, investigators can collect physical evidence and record eyewitness testimony to help find the reckless driver. The first step after securing the safety of yourself and your passengers is always to contact the police and file a report. After that, alert your insurance company to the incident. Under no circumstances should a motorist pursue the driver that hit them. This is dangerous, and at this point the only thing you should worry about is your own safety.

Texas laws state drivers who are involved in an auto accident must remain at the scene and determine whether any injured parties require aid. In the event the other driver cannot be found, a hit-and-run accident attorney can work with you to file a claim with your insurance company if you carry uninsured motorist insurance on your policy. A lawyer can also help ensure your claim is paid to you regardless of the other drivers whereabouts.

Remember: there are important steps to take no matter which side of a car accident you are on, and there is hope for victims who were hit by a driver that fled the scene.

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