Why You Should See a Doctor After a Fort Worth Car Accident

holding head after car accidentAfter a car accident, always seek medical care immediately. Doing so not only ensures you receive the medical attention you need, but also provides medical documentation to link your injuries to the accident. This documentation will help if you seek compensation for your injuries.

The Fort Worth car accident lawyers at Anderson & Cummings want accident victims to understand how important medical care is following a serious car accident. We are available to provide guidance through the legal process, and we will help protect your rights as we pursue compensation on your behalf.

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Protect Your Health

Injuries do not always produce symptoms right away, so a medical evaluation will help ensure that your injuries are diagnosed so you can receive accurate care. That is why seeking medical care soon after an accident is critical for protecting your health.

Potential Injuries

In many cases, victims’ adrenaline levels are surging for quite some time after a crash. The adrenaline can minimize your pain and compromise other senses. This could cause you not to detect a severe injury.

Common car accident injuries that often go unnoticed and undiagnosed until some time has passed after the accident include:

Receiving Needed Medical Care

When you see a medical professional, you will receive a thorough evaluation looking for injuries that may have been caused by your accident. Be sure to tell your doctor that you are seeking care because you were involved in a car accident.

Your physical exam may include:

  • Neurological tests
  • X-rays
  • CAT scan
  • MRI

With a medical professional diagnosing your injuries, you will receive treatment right away to limit the possibility of further damage or complications. Delayed treatment can endanger your health, causing injuries to worsen.

It is important that you follow your doctor’s orders for treatment to prevent worsening of your injuries. If you do not follow his or her orders, your insurance company may deny your claim for compensation.

Protect Your Insurance Claim

Seeking medical care right away is important to your car accident injury claim as well. Insurers often work to deny your claim or limit the compensation they pay – so if medical care was not sought after an accident, the insurance company may say your claim is not valid.

Seeking medical attention gives proof for your injury claim. A medical professional will confirm the severity and source of the injuries, linking their cause as the car accident. These medical records will serve as supporting evidence in your claim.

Contact Our Attorneys for Help

Working with a highly regarded Fort Worth injury lawyer can make the difference in obtaining maximum compensation for your injury claim. At Anderson & Cummings, our lawyers have the experience and knowledge it takes to pursue insurers to help you receive the compensation you deserve. We will advise you of the steps you need to take following a car accident to further protect your rights.

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