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Fort Worth Eminent Domain Lawyers

The state and federal governments cannot take your property unless it is for the public good and you have been adequately compensated.

If you believe that the Texas government is trying to take your land without proper cause or just compensation, the Fort Worth eminent domain lawyers at Anderson Cummings can help.

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What Is Eminent Domain?

Eminent domain refers to a governments legal right to force a landowner to sell their property to the government for public use. The Constitutions of both the United States and the state of Texas require that the government must pay a landowner just compensation in order to take the land.  

Eminent domain cases usually involve the government taking land to build a highway, bridge, or utilities. The government entity taking the land can be a state agency, a smaller political division like a county, or occasionally private entities working on behalf of the government.

What Is Condemnation?

Condemnation is the name of the legal process the government uses to force a sale under the theory of eminent domain. Texas law requires the government to attempt to purchase any property it wants to use for a public purpose through normal means first negotiating an offer, accepting the offer, etc. If a landowner cannot agree on an acceptable price, or refuses to sell at any price whatsoever, the government can institute condemnation proceedings.

These legal proceedings tell a court that the government and the landowner could not come to an agreement to sell the property. The judge will appoint a board of special commissioners, who will review the situation and determine a fair price for the land, which the government must then pay.

Anderson Cummings - Lets Win This!

If the government wants to purchase some or all of your property for public use, you need to make sure that the land will be used for the benefit of the public, and that you are fully compensated for what your property is worth.

An experienced Fort Worth eminent domain attorney can represent your interests when taking on the government.

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