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Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers

an injured pedestrian on a stretcherDrivers have a special responsibility to be aware of pedestrians and avoid collisions. Even if a vehicle may technically have the right-of-way, the damage a car can do to a person is much greater that the damage the person will do to the car. Because of this, drivers need to be extra careful in areas where pedestrians are crossing the street, jogging, or otherwise using the road.

Collisions between vehicles and pedestrians can cause catastrophic injuries. Are you a victim?

The Fort Worth, TX auto accident attorneys at Anderson Cummings know that the injuries you or loved one may have suffered could require hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. That's why we are dedicated to fighting for you with the passion, integrity, and grit needed to get you justice.

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Pedestrians and the Right-of-Way

Both pedestrians and drivers have responsibilities to each other on the road. In Texas, a pedestrian must cross the road at a crosswalk (if one is available) and can only cross when a walk signal is displayed. If there is no crosswalk available, a pedestrian must yield the right-of-way to traffic, and only cross when it is safe. A pedestrian also cannot suddenly leave a curb or sidewalk while in the path of a vehicle that is too close to safely yield.

In turn, drivers must yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian in a crosswalk, and cannot pass another driver who is yielding for a pedestrian. Drivers also have a responsibility to use due care to avoid colliding with pedestrians, give a warning by honking when necessary, and exercise proper precaution if a child or an obviously confused or incapacitated person is on a roadway.

Drivers who disobey these rules are guilty of a misdemeanor, and can be fined up to $500 and ordered community service. In addition, a driver who injures a pedestrian while failing to yield the right-of-way can be sued for the injuries or other harm caused.

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