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The lawyers at Anderson Cummings are now aggressively pursuing, investigating and prosecuting cases where patients have experienced defects and failures involving their hip replacement. In particular, those replacement systems that use metal-on-metal devices.

Metal-on-metal hip replacement systems have had an especially high failure rate. This has prompted a number of recalls to be issued by the manufacturers. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided to take further action and demand additional studies of these hip devices due to the problems associated with their use.

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Do you have any of the Following DePuy Hip Implant Devices?

Anderson & Cummings’ attorneys may be able to help you if you were fitted with any of the devices below:

Manufactured by DePuy, a division of Johnson & Johnson. Due to DePuy’s failure to conduct stringent clinical testing on these devices, at least 13% of patients fitted with one of these devices will experience a failure. The ASR has been recalled and a $4 billion lawsuit is pending. Contact us today if you were fitted with this device.DePuy Pinnacle®.

DePuy’s Pinnacle® has been the center point of almost 5,000 product liability cases, which were consolidated by the federal court in Dallas, Texas not far from our offices! Though DePuy has refused to recall these hip devices, these implants are also metal-on-metal and therefore many patients have reported adverse side effects similar to those associated with the ASR device.

In 2012, Stryker® Orthopaedics voluntarily recalled certain hip implant models when complications were reported about tissue inflammation and toxic metal shavings entering the bloodstream. A Multi-District Litigation has been established by the federal courts, so call us today to learn your rights.

These devices may have a higher-than-normal failure rate and even require surgery to correct the problems that arise from their implantation.

In 2008, hip implant manufacturer Zimmer issued a voluntary recall of its Durom® Cup device. Like many other problematic hip implants, the Durom® Cup is a metal-on-metal device. The recall was issued because of the inadequate instructions for use and technique in surgery. AC represented clients in one of the very first cases involving this device, which ended in a settlement. If you have questions or concerns about a hip implant problem, reach out to us today.

The BioMet-M2a Magnum is yet another metal-on-metal hip device with a flawed design. Patients fitted with this device may experience severe pain and premature wear and tear in the replaced joint.

Any metal-on-metal hip device could cause concern because the metal ions can shed into the bloodstream through the hip socket and femurs friction. If you received a hip implant with a metal-on-metal design, you could have a valid injury claim.

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You shouldn’t suffer the consequences of a drug company’s errors. Dangerous medical devices harm people like you every day, and justice needs to be served to the parties responsible for the harm you are suffering.

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