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Testimonials From Clients of Our Law Firm

5 stars all the way. I cannot say enough how much I was impressed by the way my case was represented. Carolyn and Seth did a fantastic job of making sure everything was taken care of thoroughly and quickly. Communication was excellent and great care and personal attention was shown in all aspects. Very highly recommended.

– George Emory

Just after our grown son had an accident we contacted John Cummings and asked for his help. For a whole year he worked with us in a caring, professional manner that ultimately led to a successful settlement that is now helping our son and his wife as they focus on the difficult task of recovery. John's calm, determined manner of handling things was a great comfort to our family as we navigated the unfamiliar and stressful territory of insurance company regulations. Thank you John. We appreciate both you and your professional support staff at Anderson Cummings.

– Phil Waldron

I am so happy that I contacted this law firm when I needed someone to really fight for me! Seth Anderson and his team treated me like an old friend from the very beginning! Seth took the time to really listen to me, my circumstances, and my desired outcome. He was willing to go the extra mile, and not back down! In the end, I was awarded more than I even thought possible. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

– Danae Sessum

This law firm exceeded my expectations in a number of ways. Not only did they make you feel at home, but the professionalism was stellar. They followed up with the smallest of details, and took every avenue possible for a positive outcome of my case. I would recommend this law firm to anyone seeking council with excellent communication and followup.

– Jim Cummings

What a GREAT Experience! John Cummings successfully resolved a civil issue where we had been wronged by a jewelry company. He took it upon himself to resolve this issue in a professional and timely manner. One of the things I enjoyed so much about his assistance was that he kept following up with me and the company until the issue was completely resolved. Additionally, John is a great person to work with, he has the ability to put you at ease when you are talking with him. I highly recommend Anderson Cummings.

– Brett Comer

Seth and his team did their best to help us during our most difficult time.  I would recommend them to anyone.

– Nilsy Odicio

I have to say when I found John Cummings and his firm it was God sent! Everything he did for me and my family was greater and far beyond any expectations I had or could imagine! I would definitely recommend John and his partners to anyone and everyone who has been hurt in an accident. God bless you all!

– Phillip M.

Seth represented me and did an outstanding job. Highly recommend their firm.

– Jarrett Turner

I have had the good fortune to work with each member of this firm over the years on various issues. Advice/guidance has always been honest and straight forward which is hard to come by in any field/endeavor. Any questions or issues that I have brought up have been responded to quickly and professionally. I would not hesitate to recommend this firm to anyone seeking legal counsel/representation. A stellar track record.

– Hugh Montgomery

Truly, I could not have found a stronger advocate as willing to work on my behalf, diligently seeking compensation for what I lost both physically and emotionally as a result of an auto crash. Seth Anderson and his right hand, Carolyn Burton, were at the other end of the phone line any time I needed to talk or cry, or seek guidance. When many might have grown weary or backed down when the going got tough, they did not. I cannot recommend Anderson & Cummings highly enough. They were tireless when seeking relief for me, and I will be forever grateful.

– Betty Fullerton Sandefur

Seth Anderson & staff are professional, knowledgeable and respectful! We highly recommend them!

– Michael Pye

Very well informed lawyers who are really interested in helping their clients. John Cummings was a joy to work with!!

– Sally Zukoski

Injured in a bad accident? I'm George Galloway, and I know the feeling, so was I. Not sure if you need an attorney? Neither was I... You probably do. Want to try to take care of it by yourself without an attorney? I tried that too... Bad idea! Want to at least give it a try on your own first, and see how it goes before calling an attorney? Yep, I made that mistake too...The clock is ticking, and not on your side. You need to get professional help after an accident ASAP. The insurance companies want you to sign a few "routine" forms. Yep, I made this mistake too... Don't do it without first consulting an attorney! Hoping the insurance company will just do the right thing and take care of you? Good luck. But the accident was clearly someone else's fault. Surely the insurance companies will have to do the right thing, won't they? Again, good luck. Not sure who to call? Neither was I, but now I know... Call Seth Anderson, and you will be glad you did. He made me feel comfortable the first minute I met him. He knows what he is doing, and is very experienced in the personal injury world. He took great care of me. I could not be happier with his professionalism, performance and results with my case. And by the way, you will likely be working with Carolyn also. She and Seth make a great team. When you are working with Carolyn, you are being taken care of by another true professional. This review posted by George Galloway

– Theresa Galloway

You take a horrible situation, like a car wreck, add in a significant injury that requires surgery to repair, compound that with months of pain and sprinkle it with insurance companies that want nothing more than to ensure that they are paying as little as possible, if anything, for their insured's mistake. It makes for a really bad day.

John is straightforward, honest, direct and up front about the realities and challenges of the filing a suit. He worked diligently to ensure that I was not only protected but that I was being treated fairly by the insurance company. He was able to, with limited expenditure of time and effort on my part and next to no drama, take a bad situation and make it significantly better. I could not be more satisfied with the outcome and could not recommend another attorney more highly.

– Timothy Holt

Love! From the beginning to the this day. Took everything over from me. I was very overwhelmed at the very beginning and they took all that added stress out of my life. Listened to all my concerns and worries. Couldn't have choose a better company to represent me. Tracy is a blessing as well!

– Courtney Mitchell

My husband suffered a severe brain injury as a result of an ATV accident last year, and John Cummings has been beside us each step of the way in getting what we need to help my husband continue to heal and be cared for. He, of course, is committed to helping others through his profession as an attorney, but more importantly, he's a man we could trust to help us get through our hard time. I highly recommend this firm and John Cummings in particular if you're struggling through the aftermath of a personal injury.

– Hayley Waldron