Elderly Woman Drove into Oncoming Traffic in Fatal Crash

red wrong way sign during daytimeA 75-year-old Roscoe woman is being blamed for causing a head-on collision on Highway 84 when her 2011 Nissan passed across the center line and collided with a 50-year-old man in a pickup truck.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene and the condition of the man in the pickup truck has not yet been released. Reports indicate that the man did suffer serious injuries from the crash.

The Reporter News notes that the woman’s age may have been a factor that contributed to the crash, as the roads were dry and the weather was clear at the time of the accident. No official cause has been reported, but our Fort Worth car accident lawyers know that sometimes senior drivers can face additional challenges behind the wheel. This is especially true if the driver believes they are still able to drive when poor eyesight, slowed reflexes or other age-related factors point to the contrary.

Texas Car Accidents and the Elderly

Because officials do not know the exact reason the elderly woman departed from her lane it is not known whether her age came into play. In other incidents, however, the mental or physical abilities of senior drivers can have a significant impact on their driving, and they can be liable for any crash they cause because of it.

If an elderly driver is losing vision or cannot react to changing situations as quickly as other drivers can, they can cause serious accidents. If a pedestrian steps out into the road but the driver does not see them and cannot react in time to avoid them or stop their vehicle, they could be held liable for any injuries caused to that pedestrian.

Older drivers can also experience physical or cognitive issues that can make driving unsafe. If an elderly driver has a seizure or is suffering from dementia and simply does not remember the rules of the road, accidents are bound to occur.

Unfortunately, age can be an important factor in a persons ability to safely operate their vehicle. Families should be aware of their elderly relatives conditions and help organize the best transportation options available to them so they do not feel the need to drive if it is unwise for them to do so.

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