How Witness Statements May Help Your Texas Personal Injury Claim

hand on a bibleWhen it comes to proving fault and damages after an accident, having someone to back up your version of the facts may be crucial in winning your personal injury case. However, some difficulties may arise in getting a person to provide a statement or even testify on your behalf at trial.

Fortunately, Anderson & Cummings’ personal injury lawyers in Fort Worth are prepared to handle this aspect of your claim in addition to offering legal advice and negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf.

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Who Can Provide a Witness Statement in Texas?

From objective third-party witnesses to professionals, there are several types of witnesses whose statements may be helpful to your injury claim.


An eyewitness is someone who was present at the time the accident took place. Eyewitnesses can provide an objective narrative of the accident.

If you were with someone you know when the accident occurred, that person may also provide an eyewitness statement, but the insurance company may not give much weight to it because this person knows you.

Familiar Witness

A statement from a family member or loved one who witnesses your physical, emotional and financial distress may also help strengthen your claim.

The pain and suffering you experience after an accident may be included in your claim, and having someone who witnessed that distress firsthand provide a statement may help establish the value of the non-economic damages you may be able to recover.

Expert Witness

When necessary, an expert witness may also be used in a case. These are people who have professional qualifications in a designated field, such as a medical doctor or accident reconstruction expert.

Statements from expert witnesses serve as objective, expert opinions about aspects of a case. Medical experts may be able to explain how your physical injuries have affected you while a psychologist may be able to speak about your emotional injuries. An accident reconstruction expert may be able to say how the accident happened and who may be to blame, based on a technical analysis of the crash.

How to Obtain a Witness Statement

When possible, crash victims should talk to witnesses at the scene, provided they will not be putting themselves at risk for further injury.

If police are called to the accident scene, the responding officer will likely gather witness statements and include them in the police report.

If the accident results in severe injuries, such as injuries that render you unconscious at the scene, it may be difficult to obtain witness statements. Fortunately, our attorneys have the experience to track down eyewitnesses and experts who may be able to bolster your claim.

The Insurance Adjuster May Also Contact Witnesses

It is important to get to witnesses before the insurance company does, as they may trick witnesses into saying things that hurt your case. If the witness agrees to give a recorded statement and later talks to you and says something that contradicts the recorded statement, his or her credibility in your case may be permanently damaged.

Call an Experienced Texas Attorney for Legal Assistance

After an accident, getting in touch with an attorney quickly can be an important step. The licensed attorneys at Anderson & Cummings are ready to help you through the process of filing a claim and gathering witness statements.

Remember that the insurer will act quickly to find a reason to deny your claim and you need someone on your side who is capable of taking on the insurance company so you may get the full value of your claim.

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