Maximizing the Value of Your Car Accident Injury Claim in Fort Worth

man with arm in cast at deskThe steps you take after a Fort Worth collision can greatly affect your medical recovery and the value of your claim for compensation.

For example, waiting to go to the hospital could make your injuries more difficult to treat. Waiting to seek treatment can also cause the insurance company to doubt you suffered an injury in the accident.

At Anderson & Cummings, we are committed to guiding you through this difficult time and pursuing all the compensation you need. We have compiled a list of steps you can take that may help maximize your financial recovery from a crash.

Our Fort Worth car accident lawyers represent crash victims on contingency, which means there are no upfront costs or fees. We are not paid unless our clients receive compensation.

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What Compensation Can You Include in a Car Crash Claim?

When people think about a car crash, they focus a lot on the physical injuries suffered by victims. Anyone who has been involved in an accident can tell you that a crash causes much more than physical harm. Crashes are a financial crisis for many people. The experience can also be emotionally scarring.

The legal system allows victims to seek compensation for all these effects, which may include:

  • Medical costs, both past and future: This includes the cost of emergency services, surgery, prescription medication, physical therapy and ongoing medical treatment related to the accident. Some victims may need treatment for a short time after the crash while others may need treatment for several months or years. You can seek compensation for all these costs.
  • Lost wages: This is compensation for the income you lost while recovering from your injuries. You may have lost this income because you were physically unable to work, or you had to go to medical treatment.
  • Pain and suffering: This is compensation for the physical pain and emotional distress you have endured because of the accident. You may have anxiety about driving because of the trauma of the crash. Some people struggle to sleep. Physical pain can also make it harder to take part in daily activities.
  • Damage to personal property: You can seek reimbursement for repair or replacement of your vehicle or personal property inside the vehicle at the time of the collision.
  • Loss of earning capacity: Long-term injuries may affect how much you can work or even the types of jobs you are physically capable of doing. That is why the law allows victims to seek compensation for how their injury affects their future earning capacity.

Steps You Should Take After an Auto Accident

Crash victims often ask us what they can do to protect the value of their claim. While one of the most important steps is to hire a lawyer, there are things that victims can do to help strengthen their cases:

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

You may not feel like you are injured, but some symptoms may appear later. That is why you need to be examined by a healthcare professional. He or she can do a thorough evaluation to identify any injuries you suffered and begin treatment. While each situation is different, faster treatment often leads to a faster recovery. You may also reduce your risk of secondary injuries or complications.

Report the Accident to the Authorities

You are required to call the police after many accidents, but even if you are unsure about calling them, you should still do it.

Not only can the police file a report, which helps to document the crash, they can also protect you at the scene by redirecting traffic to prevent another collision. Insurance companies may make the process more difficult if there is no police report.

Gather Evidence at the Scene

While gathering evidence can certainly help your lawyer, you should only do it if you are not going to be putting yourself in harm’s way.

That said, if it is safe to do so, take pictures of the scene. Photograph your vehicle and any other vehicle(s) involved, along with any visible injuries. Collect names and contact information of witnesses, along with the insurance and contact information of everyone involved in the collision.

Keep Track of Your Treatment and Damages

Document all medical visits, treatments received, and any related expenses. Keep a journal of how your injuries impact your daily life and work.

Document all medical appointments, treatment and expenses related to your injuries. Keep receipts and bills as proof of your financial losses. Keep track of the names and contact details of the doctors who treated you, when they provided treatment and what that treatment consisted of.

Limit What You Say About Your Case

It is important to exercise discretion when talking about the crash. For the most part, you should only discuss the case with your lawyer. You may need to discuss the crash with the liable insurance company, but you should only do that with your lawyer present.

Other than that, you really should not discuss the case with anybody. You do not want to inadvertently say something that could hurt your case. If the insurance company calls you, refer them to your lawyer. You do not want to make a mistake and admit fault without realizing it.

Be Careful About Using Social Media

Do not post about your accident, injuries, or any legal proceedings on social media. Insurance companies and opposing attorneys may monitor your online activity to find information that could undermine your claim.

It may be best to simply stay off social media until the conclusion of your case. If you do continue posting, do not discuss anything about your case. You should also advise friends and family members not to post anything about your case.

Review Any Settlement Offers with an Attorney

If the insurance company makes a settlement offer, discuss it with your lawyer. Early offers are often much lower than what your claim is worth. Despite what the insurance company says, you are not obligated to accept the first offer. Your lawyer may be able to negotiate for more compensation.

Keep a Journal Explaining How Your Injury Has Affected You

Start a journal detailing your recovery process, the emotional and physical pain you experience, and how the injuries impact your daily life, work, and relationships. This personal account can be powerful evidence in demonstrating the extent of your suffering and the impact on your quality of life.

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