What Are the Most Dangerous Highways in Texas and Fort Worth

skyline view of Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding highwaysTexas has some of the most dangerous roads in the country. Some highways and intersections pose greater crash risks than others. People who drive these routes every day have an increased risk of being involved in a serious crash.

Below, Anderson & Cummings details the most hazardous roads and intersections in Texas, including Fort Worth, and how to stay safer when driving on these routes.

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What Makes Texas Highways More Dangerous Than in Other States?

There are a lot of familiar Texas highways that fall into the ‘most dangerous” category and for many reasons, including:

  • High speed limits: Texas allows some of the highest speed limits in the country, reaching up to 85 mph on certain segments, which can increase the severity of accidents.
  • More rural highways: There is a vast network of rural highways in Texas, but enforcement of traffic laws in those areas is less rigorous.
  • Medical help is farther away: On rural highways, especially, medical help is farther away, which can mean substantially more severe consequences of any accidents that occur.
  • More traffic congestion: Texas experiences significant traffic congestion, especially in its major cities, like Houston and Dallas. Congestion contributes to more frequent and severe crashes.

What Are the Most Dangerous Highways in Texas?

Now that we have looked at some of the reasons Texas highways are so dangerous, we want to share some of the specific roads that are especially high-risk to drivers.

Interstate 20

Known as one of the most dangerous highways in both Fort Worth and the nation, Interstate 20 is characterized by heavy traffic flowing through five lanes in each direction. In 2021, it witnessed 77 accidents, as reported by the Fort Worth Safe Communities Coalition. These incidents often involve speeding, distracted driving or impaired driving.

Texas 183 at Texas 360

This busy intersection manages a high volume of traffic moving between Dallas and the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. The risk of accidents increases during construction phases on Texas 183, which can cause congestion and bottlenecks. In 2021, this intersection saw 107 crashes.

Riverside Drive and East Lancaster Avenue

These expansive roads with dual left-turn lanes experienced 126 crashes in 2021, primarily during turning movements where driver caution was lacking.

Western Center Blvd and North Beach Street

This location is prone to accidents caused by drivers running red lights in heavy traffic, often in a hurry to save time.

State Highway 199 and West Weatherford Street

The junction here sees frequent merging as drivers navigate from Summit Avenue or Forest Park Blvd toward downtown Fort Worth, leading to distractions and potential collisions on State Highway 199.

Bryant Irvin Road and West Vickery Boulevard

Accidents at this intersection are frequently due to drivers ignoring red lights.

East Lancaster Avenue at South Sargent Street

In 2021, ambulances responded to this intersection 70 times, according to the Fort Worth Safe Communities Coalition. The nearby bus transfer center increases pedestrian activity, elevating the collision risk.

Interstate 35 West and East Berry Street

As one of Texas’s most perilous roads, this stretch of I-35 sees vehicles traveling at speeds of 60-70 mph, though the ramp speed limit is only 30 mph, creating conditions ripe for high-speed crashes.

Interstate 35 West (North Freeway) at Meacham Boulevard

This is one of the most congested intersections in the area, with 69 crashes documented in 2021.

What Are Some High-Risk Intersections in Fort Worth?

  • Henderson Street and Weatherford Street
  • I-35W and NE 28th Street
  • I-35W and Basswood Boulevard
  • I-35W and Heritage Trace Parkway
  • Henderson Street and Belknap Street
  • I-35W and Western Center Boulevard

Why Do So Many Crashes Happen in Texas Intersections?

Intersections are hotspots for car accidents no matter where you live. The likelihood of intersection crashes in Texas, however, is high-risk due to negligent driving behaviors, such as:

  • Speeding
  • Making improper turns, often without signaling
  • Running red lights or jumping green lights
  • Distracted driver behaviors, including texting and driving, grooming, eating and rowdy passengers
  • Driving while impaired by alcohol, drugs or other substances
  • Driving while fatigued or drowsy

What Should You Do After a Crash in an Intersection?

If you are involved in an intersection collision, there are some crucial steps you should take right away:

  • If your vehicle is drivable, move it away from passing traffic.
  • Check yourself and others for injuries.
  • Call 9-1-1 to get police and first responders to the crash scene.
  • Do not exit your vehicle if it is unsafe to do so.
  • Document the scene as best you can – your attorney can help you gather additional evidence after your injuries have been stabilized.
  • Exchange details with other drivers
  • Seek immediate medical care to protect your health and link any injuries directly to the accident.
  • Seek legal help to help you recover damages and protect your interests.

Do I Need Legal Help After a Crash in an Intersection?

Many people may not know about the advantages they get from seeking legal help after a crash. Managing a claim independently is challenging at best. The legal process is often confusing to navigate and few cases are straightforward. Another key reason to seek legal help is that insurance companies fight hard to pay as little compensation on a claim as possible.

Your attorney’s goal, however, aligns with yours. That goal is to recover full and fair compensation for your injuries and losses. Statistically, injured victims who work with a lawyer often recover significantly more compensation than those who do not.

How You Can Stay Safer on Texas Highways and Driving Through Intersections

There are some key things to remember about staying safer on high-risk Texas highways and when driving through Texas intersections. The main focus, however, is driving defensively, which includes these practical steps:

  • Obey Traffic Signals and Signs: Stop fully at traffic lights and stop signs, and properly observe right-of-way rules.
  • Stay Alert: Remain vigilant for sudden stops, turning vehicles, and pedestrians, especially in school zones and urban areas.
  • Use Turn Signals: Signal your intentions properly and well before turning or changing lanes to alert other drivers. Flipping a signal at the last second does not count.
  • Keep a Safe Following Distance: Maintain sufficient distance between your vehicle and others. This gives you more time to react to unexpected hazards.
  • Avoid Distractions: Avoid any distractions, including using mobile devices, adjusting the radio, or other activities that take your attention off the road.
  • Be Cautious at Yellow Lights: Approach yellow lights with caution. Be prepared to stop rather than speeding through at the last second.
  • Watch for Pedestrians and Cyclists: Be especially watchful for pedestrians and cyclists who might cross or enter your path unexpectedly.
  • Adjust for Weather/Road Conditions: Slow down and take extra care during adverse weather, like rain, fog or ice. These elements significantly reduce road traction and visibility.

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