What if You Return to Work Too Soon After a Fort Worth Car Crash?

photo illustration of young woman feeling bad at workAfter being injured in a Fort Worth crash, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and anxious to get back to your life and your job. Medical care is expensive and after even a couple of weeks of care, the unexpected costs can create a significant financial burden. However, returning to work too soon after a crash is a bad idea that could risk your health and damage your claim.

At Anderson & Cummings, we have represented injury victims for decades, and we have recovered millions for our clients during that time. We also have extensive knowledge of how insurance companies operate in an injury claim.

Below, we discuss how going back to work before your injuries have healed and before your doctor recommends it could hurt your health. We also explain the damage it could do to your claim for compensation.

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How Soon Is Too Soon to Return to Work?

It can be hard to know when to go back to work. Even when you are dealing with pain, you may think you are ready to manage it. However, this decision is something that should only be made by your doctor. Here are some reasons why:

  • Your treating physician understands your injuries and how long they take to heal
  • Going back to work before your injuries have healed could cause them to worsen
  • You could reinjure yourself on the job or even suffer new injuries that could set your recovery back even further

It is easy to understand why you may want to get back to work more quickly. However, going back before your doctor has cleared you could negatively impact your health. It could even stunt your ability to fully recover and may leave you with long-term complications or chronic pain.

Could Going Back to Work Too Soon Damage My Claim?

There is no doubt that returning to work too soon could negatively affect your claim. In fact, the amount of compensation for your medical costs and other damages could be greatly reduced. You may wonder why that is since your injuries and the treatments you need have not changed.

What has changed, if you have not fully recovered, is that you are no longer following your doctor’s advice. To the insurance company, this is the same as saying you were not really injured as badly as you initially said.

As a car crash victim seeking compensation through an injury claim, you need to take actions that:

  • Put your health first – Getting your life back is the ultimate goal and priority
  • Protect your claim – If you fail to do this, you risk paying for your medical costs out of your own pocket
  • Help to mitigate your damages –Failing to take steps that help you to get better makes it seem to the insurance company that you do not want to get better. If your injuries get worse, it can also increase your medical costs and therefore, it also increases the damages you are claiming from the insurance company
  • Protect your credibility – Risking your health by going back to work too soon gives the liable insurance company room to cast doubt on your credibility. They may say you were not that badly hurt or that you were not injured at all.

What if My Employer Pressures Me to Go Back to Work Sooner?

It is possible that your employer may try to pressure you to go back to work after a car crash. This may especially be true if he or she gets the impression that your injury is mild. Often people may underplay the nature of an injury, making it sound like it really is not that bad.

After a car crash, it is a bad idea to exaggerate your injuries, but it is also a problem when you do the opposite. It is vital whenever you discuss your injuries with your doctor or your employer to be straightforward about your injuries, including how they are affecting your ability to do your job.

If you have concerns or feel pressured, there are some steps you can take to let your employer know you are trying to recover and get back to work as quickly as possible.

  • Stay in constant communication with your employer regarding your progress
  • Get a note from your doctor
  • Document your injuries, their impact on your daily life and your progress
  • Let your employer know if your doctor clears you for light-duty work
  • Hire an attorney to protect your legal interests

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