Whats the Difference between Interstate and Intrastate Trucking?

blue 18 wheelerThe terms interstate and intrastate are often mistakenly used interchangeably when referring to the trucking industry. However, they have very different meanings, especially when it comes to your accident lawsuit.

What is Intrastate Trucking?

Intrastate trucking refers to goods being carried via commercial vehicle from one location to another within the same state. The goods never leave the state from which they originated during an intrastate trucking run.

What is Interstate Trucking?

Interstate trucking refers to shipments originating from one state which are destined for another. During the shipment, the commercial vehicle will cross state lines; sometimes the trucks will travel across multiple states carrying a shipment. Interstate trucking may also refer to shipments moving from the United States to Mexico or Canada; in such cases, foreign authorities will be involved.

Interstate vs. Intrastate Trucking

Both combinations of tractor trailers and cargo loads are classified for intrastate and interstate travel. Trucking companies must make sure not to confuse loads or mix up equipment. If inappropriate loads or equipment are involved in a truck accident, insurance issues can arise. Confusion may occur if a trucking company handles both interstate and intrastate truck shipments.

In the case of an accident, a trucking company’s insurance provider may refuse to pay claims because technically the vehicle wasn’t covered correctly due to the error. In such a case, the trucking company and trucking accident victims can experience extreme financial hardships.

The logistics of interstate and intrastate trucking companies and accident claims involving these commercial vehicles can be quite complex. It is in the best interest of accident victims to retain a personal injury attorney with experience dealing with lawsuits surrounding truck accidents.

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