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Student Athletes and School Sports Injuries

School sports are enjoyed by student athletes as well as parents across the country every day. Unfortunately, sports related injuries are quite common in both contact and non-contact sports. While some sports are inherently more dangerous than others,… Read More

National Walk to School Day is October 7

On Oct. 7, 2015, schools and organizations across the country will recognize National Walk to School Day. Organized by the Partnership for a Walkable America, the day works to build awareness about pedestrian safety and the importance of safe and walkable… Read More

U.S. Workplace Deaths Increase by Two Percent

The death toll for Americans on job sites has risen in 2014, compared to the previous year. Self-employed, contract and older employees were primarily impacted and preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates a two percent hike in the… Read More

Texas Central Railway to Use Eminent Domain Powers to Buy Private Land

The Texas Central Railway (TCR) is moving ahead with plans to build a high speed railway which will travel between Dallas and Houston in less than 90 minutes. The plan will link the 4th and 5th largest metropolitan areas in the country, and will surely… Read More

Chemical Spill at Waxahatchie Plant Causes Evacuations

Employees at the Magnablend Inc., plant were evacuated Monday afternoon after a chemical spill led to an explosion and poisonous gas cloud.  The chemical plant, located in Ellis County just south of Dallas, confirmed that nearly 70 employees and residents… Read More

Construction Jobs are Most Dangerous Jobs in America

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has released its most recent data on the most dangerous jobs in America, and although nationally job safety has increased, construction work remains one of the riskiest careers for workers. According to the report,… Read More

Two Million Ace Bayou Bean Bag Chairs Recalled

Ace Bayou Corp., of New Orleans, La., has issued a voluntary recall of 2.2 million bean bag chairs after separate incidents where a 13-year-old boy from McKinney, Tex. and a 3-year-old from Lexington, Ky. were found inside the chairs, dead of apparent… Read More

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you are feeling frustrated after an injury or accident, you're not alone. It can seem like there are a million obstacles between where you are now and where you want to be back to life as usual. You may not think that filing a personal injury claim… Read More

The Legal Implications of Catastrophic Injury

Managing cases of catastrophic injury requires a deep knowledge of complex laws surrounding the use of medical evidence and financial loss. While the term catastrophic injury does not represent its own brand of harm, the consequences of enduring a serious… Read More

Do I Have a Personal Injury Claim

Do I have a personal injury claim? After being involved in an auto accident, slip and fall incident or being injured on the job, you may be asking yourself that question. Often, its hard to know if you have a personal injury claim and how much it could… Read More