Shoulder Pain After a Fort Worth Car Crash – What does it Mean?

examining shoulder injuryYou should never ignore pain or limited mobility in your shoulder, especially if you were recently involved in a car accident. An auto accident has the potential to cause serious shoulder injuries that can take a lot of time and money to treat. Waiting to seek treatment has the potential to make these injuries much worse.

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What Kinds of Shoulder Injuries Could Happen in a Car Accident?

Your shoulder is one of the body parts that is highly susceptible to injury in an auto accident. This is partly because the shoulder is such a complex joint.

Car crashes often subject the body to blunt-force trauma, which has the potential to break or dislocate shoulder bones. Crashes can also cause sprained or torn soft tissues in the shoulder.

These are some of the most common types of car crash shoulder injuries that may result in legal claims:

Torn Rotator Cuff

Each shoulder has a tendon that links the joint to the upper arm bone. A car crash can cause the tendon to detach, either fully or partially. A partial tear can become a full tear if it is not treated quickly enough.

Fractured or Dislocated Shoulder

You could break your collarbone, upper arm bone or shoulder blade. You could also suffer dislocation of the upper arm bone from the shoulder socket.

Separated Shoulder

Shoulder separation means the ligaments between your shoulder blade and collarbone have been torn. Sometimes the injury is so bad that your shoulder blade gets separated from your collarbone.

Strained Shoulder

This type of injury occurs when your shoulder gets extended beyond its normal capacity. Soft tissue can become sprained or strained, which results in weakness and significant pain in the front of your shoulder.

Severe Bruising

It is possible to suffer a deep tissue bruise to the muscles or other soft tissues in your shoulder. This can not only cause serious pain, but there is also potential for internal bleeding.


While often thought of as a neck injury, whiplash can also affect your shoulder, as the pain can radiate from your neck into your shoulders.

Pain and Other Symptoms That May Indicate a Shoulder Injury

Pain is just one of the symptoms that may indicate a shoulder injury. Car crash victims should also watch for these symptoms:

  • Limited mobility/range of motion in your shoulder
  • Pain when moving your shoulder around
  • Stiff feeling in the joint
  • Pain in your neck or upper back, that is accompanied by other symptoms in your shoulder
  • Unusual popping noise when moving your shoulder
  • Spasming muscles
  • Inflammation or swelling
  • Tingling or numb feeling
  • Unstable feeling in your shoulder
  • Pain when you lie on your shoulder, which could mean a rotator cuff tear
  • Pain when you try to rotate your arm
  • Pain when you raise your arm or try to lift things
  • Struggling to raise your arm
  • Pain when holding the steering wheel while driving
  • Being unable to use your shoulder in the way you did before the collision

How Do Doctors Treat Car Crash Shoulder Injuries?

Surgery may be necessary for more severe shoulder injuries, as less-invasive methods may not work. This is especially true for severe fractures or dislocations. For example, doctors may need to do surgery to set the bones properly. Sometimes they may use pins, plates or screws to help the bones fuse back together. If the shoulder suffers catastrophic damage, doctors may need to do shoulder replacement surgery.

Some shoulder injuries can be fixed with an arthroscopic procedure. Technically, this is a surgical procedure, but the incisions are a lot smaller.

Doctors typically need to do imaging tests, like X-rays and/or MRIs to determine the injury you suffered and the appropriate way to provide treatment. In some cases, they may recommend limiting movement in the area and using ice and anti-inflammatories to control pain and swelling. The next step is often physical therapy to help patients regain strength and mobility in the joint.

Corticosteroids may also be injected to help treat swelling and other symptoms, including symptoms of tendonitis.

What You Need To Know About Seeking Compensation For a Car Accident Shoulder Injury

When a car crash causes an injury, the victim may be able to seek compensation from the driver who caused the accident. In Texas, people who cause damages through their own negligence can be held liable for medical costs and other damages.

However, shoulder injuries can be expensive to treat, and insurance companies are not going to immediately agree to pay full compensation. In fact, they may try to claim the injury is your fault or downplay the value of your case.

That is why victims should contact an experienced lawyer after seeking treatment for their injuries. At Anderson & Cummings, we know how to determine the full value of a claim, and we have access to relevant experts to help us validate these claims.

We not only seek compensation for the cost of treating your injuries, but also the cost of ongoing medical care. For example, you might need physical therapy and follow-up visits with doctors.

We also seek compensation for damages related to your injuries, like lost wages and pain and suffering.

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One of the most important things you should do after a car accident is call a licensed attorney to determine if you can take legal action. Crashes are often the result of driver negligence, which means victims may be able to file an insurance claim or lawsuit to seek compensation.

We know you may be unsure about hiring a lawyer or think you cannot afford it. However, our lawyers do not charge upfront fees. There are also no fees while we manage your case.

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