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Wooden Pallet in Road Causes Accident, Kills One

Posted on behalf of Anderson Cummings on May 16, 2016 in Auto Accidents

ambulance after fatal crashA Monday morning multi-vehicle crash on westbound Interstate 20 in Arlington left one person dead, while another was treated for minor injuries at the scene of the accident.

According to Arlington police, the May 9 accident involved multiple vehicles and was caused by a wooden pallet in the road.

The police report indicated that the crash happened when an SUV did not have enough time to avoid a pallet located in the road and ran over it. A Hyundai sedan traveling behind the SUV then swerved to avoid the debris and hit the center median.

A semi-truck then struck the Hyundai, causing the death of the driver. A white pickup truck was also involved in the accident and one additional person was treated for injuries at the scene.

Arlington police closed that portion of the highway for several hours as they investigated the accident. The road was reopened around 3:30 p.m.

The Dangers of Road Debris

Road debris is a dangerous hazard that often leads to auto accidents and serious injuries, or even death. Any type of vehicle part, a piece of cargo or another form of debris that is located on the highway can present serious dangers to motorists, even it is only a small piece of debris.

Drivers will often engage in erratic maneuvers in an attempt to avoid hitting the debris, which, as in the incident above, can lead to situations in which a driver over-corrects and loses control of the vehicle or crashes into other vehicles.

Hitting road debris head-on can also cause significant damage to your vehicle or others on the road, often also leading to an accident.

Unfortunately, determining liability in road debris accidents can be complicated. If road debris has fallen off the back of a truck or another vehicle it can be difficult to determine exactly where a piece of debris came from. If it was the government’s responsibility to maintain a clean and clear road free of debris such as fallen rocks or mud, if may be easier to seek compensation after an accident.

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