How Can an Accident Reconstruction Expert Help My Claim?

inspecting vehicle damageA car accident reconstruction specialist is someone with high-level knowledge of a variety of subjects that may be helpful in determining the cause of an accident. Your lawyer may want to consult this type of specialist if you were injured in an accident where fault is not immediately clear, and the perceived at-fault driver is denying he or she caused the crash.

Let our car accident attorneys in Fort Worth review your claim and determine how we may be able to help you pursue the compensation you need by building a strong case on your behalf. Our attorneys have decades of experience and are prepared to take the necessary steps to help maximize your compensation, including working with expert witnesses like an accident reconstructionist.

What Does a Car Accident Reconstructionist Do?

Establishing fault for some car accidents may be more complicated than it is for others, so having someone who can review a crash in an objective manner may be helpful when trying to determine who should be financially responsible for damages. This is generally when a car accident reconstruction expert may be helpful.

Although a police officer could be used as an objective third party, he or she may be limited in some cases. Especially if one or more people involved are not being honest about what occurred, if there is a limited witness pool or a lack of concrete evidence.

A car accident reconstruction expert will use his or her knowledge in the sciences, like engineering or physics, to try to determine who is most likely at fault and why the crash happened.

Evaluates Damage to Vehicles

Where the damage is on the vehicles involved in the accident can say a lot about what happened. The simplest example of this can be a rear-end collision. One car has damage to the front of it while the other has damage to the rear. Liability may be easily established here, as most rear-end collision cases are straightforward. However, an accident reconstructionist may also be able to evaluate where the damage occurred on vehicles in cases where liability is less obvious and provide detailed insight as to who may be at fault.

The force of impact in a case may also be determined by examining the damage to involved vehicles. This could help establish the velocity at which the vehicles were traveling. For example, an accident reconstructionist may be able to determine whether a driver was speeding at the time of the crash.

Reconstructs an Accident Scene

As the expert’s name suggests, an accident reconstructionist may be tasked with rebuilding the scene of an accident to see how it may have occurred to help determine fault.

Sometimes reconstruction might be done for accidents involving left-turning vehicles that collide with a vehicle moving across its path. Reconstructing the scene may help determine whether the driver who made the left turn used good judgment or acted negligently.

Evaluates the Road Conditions at the Time of the Crash

Lastly, an accident reconstruction expert may be able to evaluate the conditions on the roadway at the time to determine whether drivers should have used more care due to low visibility or slippery conditions.

Can a Car Accident Reconstructionist Be Used as an Expert Witness?

Accident reconstructionists are often used as expert witnesses, given their technical knowledge. They may testify at trial along with other subject matter experts, like your treating doctors.

It is important to note that an accident reconstructionist is normally paid for his or her testimony, so the opposing party may try to discredit an expert witness in court by claiming that he or she is biased. It is important for the victim’s attorney to be prepared to counter these types of claims.

Will My Claim Require an Accident Reconstruction Expert?

Not every case will require an accident reconstruction expert, as determining liability is not always difficult. Therefore, it is best to determine whether accident reconstruction is needed on a case-by-case basis.

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